The Game has Changed

History demonstrates that business success stories are less often a result of the appeal of the product itself but are more realistically the result of the sound, strategic decisions made in the positioning, marketing and sales of those products and services. We believe you need it all In order to succeed in today's resort real estate market.

Using this belief as our compass, Palms International provides its clients--the developers, builders and investors in the finest vacation, second homes and active adult developments in Latin and Central America and the Caribbean - the greatest potential for success. No longer are pretty pictures, creative copy and elaborate events enough to ensure success in identifying and delivering buyers. Today, success requires a deep understanding of resort real estate buyers, their needs, desires and paradigms. Through a well-designed and orchestrated strategy Palms International’s sales and marketing programs for resort real estate and fractional ownership programs through Private Residence Club we sell where and when others are not.

We play the game to win because winning means success for our developers, their buyers and our team. It's our job and our livelihood. Palms International; New market strategies designed for success.