What We Believe

Experienced resort and residential real estate veterans appreciate the fact that the real estate market has changed dramatically and perhaps permanently. What is startling is that industry-wide marketing and sales strategies have not evolved with it. At Palms International Real Estate we are creating harmony with the goals and dreams of the dominant buyers in today's market, the baby boomer generation, by changing the approach to branding, marketing and selling second and vacation home communities to match the life paradigm of today's buyers.

One thing we can be thankful for is that the fundamental dynamic that drove the frenzied real estate sales of past years remains. It's a fact that millions of boomers both active and retiring are seeking experiential travel, new beginnings or a better way to spend their best years. Today's active buyer still believes in dreams. At Palms International, our core beliefs steer our every move and strategy:

  • We understand that sales success is the preeminent true measure of our success.
  • We believe in thinking outside the box and staying focused on the success of our clients. This in turn creates success for our company.
  • We know that merging brand expectations and real customer experiences with the science and art of luxury real estate marketing has the greatest potential to influence.
  • We believe in the power of psychographics, and we blend them with the study of both demographic trends and geographic information to guide our marketing and sales approach. We are the experts at creating emotional urgency.
  • We believe in analytically mining the buyer's thought processes, values and life paradigm to create a place and brand that is relevant and stimulating. A place that fires the imagination and fulfills the dreams that we help create.
  • We believe the constantly touted baby boomer phenomenon is valid and demands respect, and we also feel this key demographic is too large to be painted with the broad brush that most marketing companies use. Unlike the competition, Palms International does not fantasize that boomers will simply show up and buy based on the spending power of this largest-ever demographic. This critical buyer group must be broken down on an individual basis and sold to on a personal level with sincerity and intimacy.
  • We believe these facts are what ultimately separates the winners from...the rest... And, finally, we believe that applying our unique process on behalf of our clients serves these critical main goals: to make their life simpler, more profitable and to help them reach goals and achieve success within a desired period of time.